July Floral strives to celebrate the beauty that flowers bring to any space. With eye-catching combinations and a love for line, texture & gesture, material is arranged to speak for itself. Whether it is for an event or orders for delivery, we enjoy working with our clients.

Most work is created in a Columbia City production studio in south Seattle. Fresh floral material is sourced from our garden out back and trusted growers. We gather throughout the week, searching for blooms, branches & foliage that stand out. Local, seasonal material is often the sturdiest & most unique. Our regular account work allows us to see what blooms are coming in & when for wedding clients.

Blooms that go into our ongoing floral deliveries are long-lasting and often tight, allowing them to open over the course of the week. We are not afraid to juxtapose striking tropicals with romantic classic blooms. Whereas, wedding designs often call on the fleeting, ephemeral blooms of that season. We will sometimes leave a small portion of the floral budget open for the unplanned, irresistible blooms that will add just the right touch to a design.