We offer fresh floral arrangements, potted orchids, succulent planters, terrariums and floral styling for any Seattle area home or business. Each space is different, and we strive to create distinct designs to compliment the interiors or merchandising.

For accounts consisting of two or more planters or floral arrangements, individual budgets can vary. A discounted delivery is provided for these services, and a complimentary site visit is always offered.

References available on request. Please contact us for pricing.


Fresh florals are arranged to celebrate seasonal blooms. We can work with provided containers or with our own unique inventory of vessels. The entire budget is dedicated to floral material & design, as containers are exchanged upon each delivery. Gift subscriptions for friends or clients in 3 month increments are also available.


Plants are decoratively assembled with care to provide long lasting, striking beauty. We work with classic or rare plant varieties, and have a wide range of containers to plant in. Orchid planters are exchanged monthly on a set date. Or, weekly maintenance is offered for this service. July Floral will then switch out planters on an as needed basis for uninterrupted selection.