Every year, well most years, I attend the Northwest Flower & Garden Show with dear my Mother. It’s our tradition. She’s the one who dragged me in as a teenager, who convinced me to volunteer as a budding plant enthusiast college student, and now years later, as a bloom-adoring florist.

This year the theme was Hollywood. We weaved in and around the life-sized (just how do they do it?) gardens, drew in full breaths of the spring blooms and attempted to pinpoint the new hit plant that everyone is always abuzz about. My vote? A new breed of Schefflera.

I’m no photographer, and forgive the lighting in some shots. But please, enjoy!

We stopped by the Northwest Orchid Society garden and had a look at several rare species. Emerald City Orchids, a local wholesaler whom I get many of my orchids from, was one of the members showing off their blooms.

Melianthus major (below)- one of my favorites, and another beauty from South Africa. This plant can usually survive the winter if it’s in a protected part of your garden. I’ve been loving some select plants & blooms from this part of the world lately. The cut Acacia foliage I used in my Valentines Day florals, protea, pincushion & blushing bride- all come from there as well.

The Washington Park Arboretum garden was assigned the movie ‘The Hobbit’ as their theme to work with. They featured all native plants from New Zealand, most of which thrive here in the NW and are popular garden favorites. So clever.

See you at at the show next year!