All around us, if it isn’t the cacophony of birds chirping, than it’s the profusion of blooms. Spring is special. Cherry, plum and now apple & pear blossoms are spilling down the length of branches.

These pictures were taken up on Lopez Island, where I am so lucky to have a small refuge from the city and the chaos of current events. We have a small 100+ year old orchard that merits several apple varieties. It’s a joy to watch these trees wake up. And with so much in the news recently, I won’t go into detail- I find myself needing to look to natures cycles for direction & inspiration.

There is something so calming in the unfolding of a season. Every Spring we can come to anticipate, expect and enjoy the process of buds and blooms. In the coming months the pollinators will do their work, and growing fruit will develop in the summer’s sun.

I met someone recently who runs Pollinator Pathway, an organization in town who advocates for the connectivity of pollination, and ultimately, local food sources. With an ever decreasing population of both bees and the trees they attend to, the availability of around-the-corner & nutritious fruit and vegetables are diminishing!

Check them out.

I’ll have an uplifting post next time, I promise, complete with pictures of work from a recent wedding and a floral design class we taught in April! Till next time.