I love gardening. And I know I could grow to love it even more if I dedicated proper time to it. However in building this business these last several years, it seems that I’ve spent more time in front of the computer than out in the dirt. My husband & I bought a house last fall with a decent size yard though, and if we weren’t going to take control, than the horsetail, thistle, morning glory and dandelions were!

So alas, Mike & I are doing our best. I’d like to record the rewarding, educational, humorous and colorful moments of this process here. Gardening is most enjoyable in a relaxed, methodical pace. Hence Casual Gardening. Here’s Part 1: Late summer. Watering!

I decided to get some plants in the ground, as they had been sitting in their pots too long. So, I divided a stonecrop sedum and put it into a border to compliment the others.



This time of year watering is integral to the survival of many newly planted & shallow rooted plants. Notice how the root ball of this sedum is only partially soaked through and some leaves have yellowed? Once planted, I will promptly water these in to help get them established.



It’s in. I then mulched with arborist chips in & around each plant to lock in moisture and suppress weeds.


And don’t forget to garden with a companion.