Recently I spent a weekend in Victoria, BC with my husband. He left a day early, and I was lucky enough to stay and attend a spring garden to vase floral design class with Clare Day Flowers. I convinced a friend, Colleen of Botanikal in Bellingham, also a fellow member of the Greater Seattle Floral Association to join me.

Clare creates lush, garden-infused florals and has a farm outside of town that she regularly cuts from for her event work. It is beautiful countryside, with some similarities to the Seattle region in both the climate and flora. She gathered material from her garden as well as other Gulf Islands growers for a stunning display upon entry.

As anticipated, it was very informative and inspiring! For, I am at an exciting stage in garden planning at home. My floral studio is there, and I’ve come to the important realization that I don’t have the capacity to grow production-level flower quantities. But we do have ample room! And I know Mike & I will enjoy establishing material both for our family & for my business.

We toured the grounds discussing planting varieties & tips as well as larger scale techniques for growing cut flowers. Clare & ‘Farmer Shelly’ showed us ways of incorporating perennials, native plants & cover crop/pest deterrents into the garden scape.



Then we headed inside to create wreaths & arrangements. Once again I was reminded about the allure of foliage. I love it! Especially that darling Akebia vine, that has now been moved to the top of my plant wish list.


gardentovase04153 (1)

Clare took pictures of each individual piece. We commented on how intriguing it was to see what every student came up with, drawing from the same material.


I do look forward to pulling fresh texture, accents & seasonal color into my work as our garden flourishes.