I traveled to Guatemala recently to complete some volunteer work. I was taken by the flora (& fauna). The abundance of blooms and sheer size of tropical plants that have the ease of growing year round.


I found the rustic sun-baked surfaces to be enchanting. How many layers of plaster & paint have decorated this wall? The Bougonvillea was particularly eye catching in Antigua. And so were the clouds.

I’ll take my morning cup of coffee & scone seated right here.


I’m inspired to do this around the house. Why not?


The eastern side of Guatemala is sea-level, hot & humid and overcome by the jungle. The Maya ruins were consumed by it. I found air plants the size of basketballs perched up in trees, Bromeliads, wild Oncidium orchids & Ficus the size of Doug Fir trees

Not only were the outdoors welcoming, but so were the people. It’s a varied country rich in history. I would definitely recommend a visit. Just don’t go during the rainy season!.