With the approach of wedding season, these last several weeks have been buzzing with meetings. It’s that time of year. This final meeting is a helpful tool to cover last details and make sure all parties are on the same page. Chances are the wedding feel, design, guest count has changed or evolved over the course of the planning period. And by this time, the wedding party has their color, attire & accessories down pat.

Most meetings occur between 3-6 weeks before the wedding. As a florist, creating a centerpiece mock-up is an opportunity to demonstrate what the flowers will look like. Depending on the florist or the budget, some will ask for a percentage of the cost of the sample. A walk-thru at the venue or a gathering at the florist’s studio is common. Additional decor such as linen samples, glassware, illumination, etc. can be incorporated into the mix to ensure all elements are in harmony.

Below are some pictures of a recent meeting with Oak & Cypress Weddings for an upcoming November wedding. Gathering from early summer floral material for a late fall wedding posed some challenges. If you prefer seasonal, local material like we do, then specific blooms, textures and foliage may be unavailable at the time of the meeting. But I find that the focus is often on color, and confirming the overall palette can be equally helpful.





So with a sample and a little imagination, it can feel like it’s really coming together!

Big thanks to Amanda & her team at Oak & Cypress weddings for these beautiful images!