I recently unveiled a new website that took me nearly a year and half to complete. 2 developers later, custom built then a return to my wordpress theme, e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, web hosting, site migration… you name it. I felt dragged through the mud, and learned a lot about myself. How to present July Floral? Let alone, how do I want it to evolve? It seems I’ve reached a crossroads in my career as a florist. I long to create with flowers, yet, need to honor how valuable time is. We’ll be having a second baby in May, and once again, diving into the unknown. Our son Ramsey has been an active participant in the studio these last two years, he’s up for anything. We’ll see if this next baby has the same penchant for floral!

At the best of times, this little business adds dimension & color to my family life. I have chosen to carve out a studio workspace in our home, we’ve erected a greenhouse just outside and the garden takes shape with unique cutting material in mind. Most of this, thanks to my husband! He is my ally, toughest critic and sounding board. And often coerced into being my handyman. There is no way I can do it all, especially without the support system of family members and assistants.

The decision to not take weddings came about once I granted myself the permission. It has been an adjustment as well as a relief. The creative work that they require was placing strain on our family schedule, studio space and the regular floral account work I so enjoy. With this change though, comes the concern that I’ll lose relevance. There are an ever-increasing pool of talented florists in this town that do wedding flowers. Hats off to them for doing it just beautifully. (With lots of reading on the The Business of Being Creative blog), I now feel that a business is successful, if the driver behind it feels invigorated and successful. And for me, that is attained with balance. Or is it juggling? Or is balance simply a juggling act?

Either way, I’m committing myself to the lifestyle that is Mompreneur. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Let’s celebrate. All of it.