Here goes, a blog post about my wedding on July 13th, 2013. It’s a magical feeling recounting this event, but then again, it’s even more surreal to actually walk down the aisle…

Mike & I wanted to get married in a specific setting. One set of my parents live on Lopez Island, and his on Pender Island just north in Canada. We met on the Amtrak train, and it was in that first, flirtatious conversation we realized this fact in common.

Our wedding guests were traveling from far & wide, it was essential that they delight in this corner of the world. The ceremony was in a quaint country church, both iconic and just tucked away enough on the island. And the reception was held at our property, with dinner in my parents house-in-progress. Come July, the structure had poured concrete floors, walls, electrical, wide windows and a green roof– the perfect venue!

I quickly settled on a few key elements that carried me through the design process: hosta leaves – the color chartreuse – lichen branches – wedding favors from our land – ribbons – and playful shoes. We didn’t want the wedding to be perfect. Instead, to be aligned with our personalities and to compliment the unfettered, sweeping landscape.

For those of you who were there, and for those just paying a visit- I hope to demonstrate the joy, complexity, tradition and abandon of our wedding.

Thanks to my Stepmom for officiating, Darren for that impeccable suit, Mother Nature for the perfect weather, Zach for ringing the bell, my uncle Duncan for cutting a rug, Bri for leading the way, the Montreal crew for coming the longest way, Gretchen & Maureen for being 8 months pregnant, Nina for the delicious cake, Linette for jumping ferries, Lauren for her public speaking, Mel & Diane for the polished Corvair, Alice for driving the tractor, Karen for the flower power, Elliott for the late night snacks, Sergio Mottola for the photos, Ascent Construction for meeting the deadline, my parents for the unrelenting support always and forever and ever, and my husband for having an opinion on how this whole thing should turn out.

Thanks to you, for visiting.