In May, July was delighted to contribute flowers to the tasting event @ Ravishing Radish on Lake Union. It was a delight to be featured with talented people in the industry that night. For the engaged, this is a great opportunity to get to know potential vendors in a relaxed and intimate environment… and to taste & savor the food that Ravishing Radish cooks up, oh so well.

A couple of shots below, several are courtesy of Bamboo Beats & Red Fish Blue Fish Photography!

courtesy of Bamboo Beats

courtesy of Red Fish Blue Fish Photography

A studio shot of the buffet & bistro piece. In it, you will find: 'Piano Freiland' Oregon-grown garden roses, James Storie orchids, curly willow & and white and blue hydrangea.

See you next time. It’s almost July, the best month of the year!