We hosted a Spring floral design class @ the studio recently. It was a loads of fun. The focus was creating a full arrangement using spring material.

We started the florals off using several types of foliage- some mint snipped from the studio garden bed and spiral eucalyptus for structure. Basic techniques for approach, care and promoting longevity for cut flowers in an arrangement were covered.

This time, students had two color palettes to choose from. We brought in pale pink lilac to cascade out of the arrangement, gorgeous hellebores, ranunculas, hydrangea and lichen- accented dogwood branches.

The hellebores and the dogwood were from Jello Mold Farm and Oregon Coastal Flowers, both local farmers at the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market. It’s always a pleasure to draw from what is being cultivated- from the Skagit Valley on down to Tillomook, Oregon.

Thank you to the talented Maureen Sherman for these images.

Beautiful work!