Recently my husband & I zipped north in the new van to Tofino, British Columbia. It’s no easy trip (more waiting for ferries than zipping), nor is it an easy vacation when winter storm season is kicking off. But it’s well worth it.



The town sits half way up Vancouver island on the west coast, at the tip of a finger of land. It regales it’s visitors with panoramic views and wildlife both on land and in the sea. This time of year impenetrable rain gear is a must. I had one of the wettest days of my life, and I’m a Seattleite.

We visited Mike’s brother who currently lives up that way, surfing to his hearts content. It’s inspiring. I’m not interested in wet suits, sneak waves or sharing the waters with resident killer wales per se. But to dedicate one’s time to what they love is totally awesome.




We had a day in the forest and a day on the beach.



And then, the sun came out. And then, we saw a dead rotting seal on the beach.


They don’t call it Tough City for nothing.