If you received a floral or planter from us, scroll to the bottom for CARE TIPS to help your item last!


We offer delivery Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during normal business hours. Next-day orders need to be placed by 11am the day before.

Please call for out-of-area, same day, Tuesday, Thursday, or weekend delivery requests, as we may be able to accommodate you! If we do not have necessary product on hand, or if it requires extra effort to complete the order, a surcharge or rush fee of $10- $15 may be applied. For a delivery of 2 or more items going to the same address that will be boxed with tissue paper, a multi-item fee of + $5 will be added.

Orders containing an orchid plant, plants, air plants or wreaths (ORCHID, PLANTER, TERRARIUM or WREATH products in the SHOP) must be placed at least 2 days in advance to secure optimal product.

This checkout form will deliver to the zip codes listed below. Please call for out-of-area destinations.

Delivery fee Seattle South is $16: 98101, 98102, 98104, 98108, 98109, 98112, 98118, 98119, 98121, 98122, 98144, 98154, 98134, 98178

Delivery fee Seattle North and West is $18: 98105, 98103, 98107, 98117, 98115, 98116, 98136, 98126, 98106, 98199

Delivery fee Outer Seattle and Eastside is $25: 98039, 98004, 98040, 98177, 98133, 98155, 98125, 98168, 98146


Delivery fee in Seattle south is $14 and Seattle North and West is $16 and selected Outer Seattle and Eastside destinations is $20 to our valued subscribers. Deliveries are made on the closest Monday, Wednesday or Friday, to the same address. We leave a bouquet on the doorstep in a secure location if the recipient is not home. A bucket can be requested to keep stems hydrated.

Delivery can be expensive. We don’t want that to be an impediment to your floral needs! You can always schedule a pick-up, please call to arrange as this form can only process with a delivery service charge. 

Condominium, Business Towers, Call Box buildings & Hospitals 

Depending on facility or building procedures, an order will be delivered to recipient directly or the concierge. For orders to a hospital, please include the hospital name, phone number and the recipient’s ward and room number. We are happy to call recipients ahead of time on your behalf to coordinate timing, please include this request in the order notes field.

Special Events, Services or Funerals

Orders that involve scope outside of what is offered in our SHOP and/or a site set-up beyond basic delivery are best discussed in advance. Custom design and estimates can be created, and a deposit is requested to secure a date.

SHOP & Delivery Terms

Product images shown are examples of work to demonstrate overall style and form. We shop throughout the week for fresh product, so material in arrangements will vary with the season. High quality and locally-sourced material is a priority in our work, and vase arrangements can last anywhere from 3-7 days. If longevity is a priority, please let us know in the order notes field. Most of our vase arrangements are designed in simple, distinct, opaque containers. We reserve the right to make substitutions in cases where satisfactory material is not available from our suppliers.

Most deliveries occur during the late morning and early afternoon, but in some instances to businesses by 5pm and to private residences by 7pm at the latest. We cannot offer specific-time deliveries, however requests can be discussed and need to be confirmed over the phone or text. Traffic incidents, weather conditions and holidays can cause delays. If for some reason there is a delay with delivery, the sender will be informed as soon as possible.

If a recipient is not home at the time of delivery, cannot be reached by phone, and there is no secure place to leave the order, one additional delivery attempt can be made to the same address on the next scheduled delivery day, for an additional delivery fee. After this, the order will be made available for a scheduled pick-up at our studio.

Cancellations with a full refund can be made until the day before scheduled delivery (ex: by 5PM Tuesday for Wednesday delivery), and must be confirmed over the phone or text. We reserve the right to refuse service and cancel an unfulfilled order at any time.

If at any time our product or service does not meet expectations, we encourage you to contact us immediately, and we will make every reasonable effort to address your concerns.

Tax is charged according to the current City of Seattle rate at our production studio location.

Call 206-412-3938 or email tess@julyfloraldesign.com with any questions, any time.


If you receive a VASE ARRANGEMENT, place in a spot out of direct sunlight or away from a heater. Change the water (cool and clean please) every few days to wash out bacteria. Simply hold the vase over the sink and place nozzle in the arrangement, running water through to cycle out the old. Pull stems of expired blooms out as needed, some material will naturally last longer than others. Furthermore, take your arrangement with you throughout the house to your desk or dining table, to enjoy throughout the day!

If you receive a BOUQUET wrap, always give your stems a fresh cut and place in cool water and a clean vase. Our bouquets are designed so they can be simply plopped into a vase as is. Or, you can break up the bunch and put some in different size & style vases around the house. Pull stems of expired blooms out as needed, some material will naturally last longer than others. Change the water every few days.

If you receive an ORCHID pot or planter, place in a warm bright spot out of direct sunlight. Consistent day and nighttime temperatures of 55-75 degrees are ideal. Water each plant every 7-10 days. Splash exposed roots + sphagnum moss medium around base of leaves and not directly on crown of leaves to avoid rot. Flowers will fade sequentially from bottom of bloom spike to tip, once all have dried, cut the spike back to base of plant.

If you receive a TERRARIUM or PLANTER with mixed plants, place in a bright indirect light. If your mix is lush greenery, place out of direct sunlight (in the bathroom for higher humidity) and water more thoroughly at base of plants. If your mix is succulents or cacti, place in a warm sunny spot and water more sparingly around the base of plants. Water more often in spring and summer and pull back on frequency in fall and winter. Gently pull any lower yellowing leaves off and turn container every few weeks for overall even growth.

Call 206-412-3938 or email tess@julyfloraldesign.com with any questions, any time.



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